A Walk To Remember Book Report Essay

A Walk To Remember Book Report Essay-65
Born on the last day of 1965, Sparks was a child of the revolutionary ’60s and ’70s—not of the ’50s.

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The novel is candid about its objectives: It is a work of...

This essay discusses that the same symmetrical relationships are defined with Ronnie and the way in which she relates to others.

For other people, religion is a source of comfort, a font for reassurance in the face of adversities and trials.

Others find religion to seek upliftment in moral standards and be directed to the path of righteousness.

For some, religion is a personal experience, a spring that gives renewal to unite with a Divine Power, a Supernatural Being, an ultimate source of truth.

The aims of this essay are two-fold: to observe and......? It had been published in September 2009 by Grand Central Publishing in New York Since its release, it has reached best- selling status.Those who relate to her don’t see her as feminine or masculine.The way that she relates to her father and those surrounding her all move into symmetrical relationships.The different concepts that Ronnie sees then become symmetrical in nature and provide her with different conflicts and relationships.The symmetrical relationships and the way that Ronnie looks at specific situations and people then allows Sparks to show the same family values.His younger sister died seven years later at the age of 33, and her story and the story of the man who married her served (in conjunction with Sparks’ new setting) as the inspiration for the novel.Sparks penned the novel as a commemoration of both his sister and the man she married.The concepts of identity, love, relationships and value all add into universal themes that are associated with each of the books.Developing the main characters through these main themes then provides the ability to understand the capabilities of each character differently, including a social, cultural and humanistic nature.The connection between the two, a connection of pure love (along with sacrifice, tenderness, appreciation, and charity), is what may be said to have prompted Sparks to set the novel in the nostalgic era of the 1950s, when such themes could resonate more clearly, more forcefully, and more naturally.Indeed, the era Sparks describes helps to frame the ideals that inspired Sparks to tell the story and root them in a way of life.


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