Act 2 Crucible Essay

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' Despite Mary's assertion, 'no, sir, I am entirely myself,' Elizabeth is still arrested and taken away in chains.Elizabeth is taken away with others, including Rebecca Nurse, who was previously revered as a pious pillar of society.The Proctor's servant Mary has skipped work to be at court all day, and gives Elizabeth a doll she made.

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Mary reluctantly tells them that she did, indeed, make the doll and that she put the needle there herself for safe keeping when she was done sewing.

Furthermore, she tells them that Abigail was sitting next to her as she sewed and would have seen her placing the needle there. Hale illustrates the extent to which this hysteria has gripped them all when he asks Mary, 'may it be, perhaps, that someone conjures you even now to say this?

Discussion of Salem brings out the information that Mary Warren, the Proctors' new servant, has spent her day there.

She is one of the girls who, with Abigail Williams, sits in court and accuses people of witchcraft.

In Act 2 of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, we see the tension which remains between Elizabeth and John because of the affair.

'You come so late I thought you'd gone to Salem this afternoon,' Elizabeth says at one point. Proctor replies 'I thought better of it since,' but the stage direction tells us 'he knows what she means.' Elizabeth still doesn't trust John, and he knows it!Mary won't say who accused Elizabeth, but Elizabeth assumes it was Abigail.'There is a promise made in any bed,' she tells John, and she believes Abigail 'thinks to kill me then to take my place.' She begs John to go to Abigail, to tell her in no uncertain terms that their affair is over and that she and he have no future whatsoever together.In Act 2, we see the devastating effects fear can have on a population.Fear has dissolved the trust and warped the thinking of people in Salem so much that they will condemn and execute even those whom they before held in reverence.Elizabeth tells John that a 'proper court' has been set up to hear these accusations, at the head of it are 'four judges out of Boston...weighty magistrates of the General Court.' She also tells John that the court has been given the power to execute those who are condemned, and fourteen people have been arrested.John can't believe this--he can't believe Abigail's accusations could have gone so far, especially since she told him herself that it all 'had naught to do with witchcraft,' but was just 'sport.' What tangled web is Abigail weaving? When Mary returns, John is angry with her because he had told her not to go to Salem again.Mary, in a last ditch effort to escape punishment for disobediently leaving her work to spend the day in Salem, points at Elizabeth and says, 'I saved her life today!' That day in court, Elizabeth's name was 'somewhat mentioned,' but Mary spoke on her behalf and the charges were dismissed.Furthermore, there is a needle shoved into the doll's belly.It is implied Elizabeth used this doll and this needle to stab Abigail via witchcraft. Cheever that the doll belongs to Mary and she is called on to explain.


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