Alcohol Term Paper

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The only safe blood alcohol level behind the wheel is zero.

A small amount of impairment from intoxication can also be lethal when combined with activities such as water sports, skiing, hunting, climbing, or using power tools, where minor misjudgments can have major consequences.

Drinking occupies more of the person’s time, and becomes increasingly important so that it is unpleasant to be away from alcohol.

Gradually, the body adjusts to the presence of alcohol, so that sobering up results in unpleasant experiences such as hangovers, insomnia, agitation, or nervousness, sweating, and trembling.

It has been an element central to religious observances in Judeo- Christian and other faiths, and has often been part of important social and cultural events as well.

Alcohol has held a common, even honored, place in the daily life of many cultures for thousands of years.

Memory problems are common in heavy drinkers, and the occurrence of memory blackouts is associated with brain impairment from alcohol.

A majority of crimes resulting in imprisonment are committed under the influence of alcohol, which is also associated with domestic violence.

This can and does result in errors of perception regarding one’s ability or (lack of) impairment, and in decisions and judgments that themselves lead to risky consequences.

Chronic risk, on the other hand, has to do with the long-term effects of drinking.


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