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They manage one narrow escape after another until finally they decide to choose one last crystal each and leave this strange and frightening place.Lugging the crystals back home, they are glad to be doing the right thing and returning to their family.

It seemed to them that every second the temperature was rising.

It soon became so unbearably hot that they thought they would soon be cooked.

This technique of querying is useful in writing lessons as well.

Two Bad Ants provides opportunities for less-experienced readers to develop their predicting skills, either during a read-aloud or as part of their independent reading.

Find Fritz: Fritz the dog is hidden inside the swirl of water with the ants. To reach the delicious crystals, the ants traverse what to them is a mysterious land full of menacing obstacles.

To us, it's an ordinary kitchen, but Van Allsburg doesn't tell us that directly: he describes the setting without telling us it's a kitchen.A useful exercise is to have children describe a familiar setting without naming it.Encourage them to give as many details as possible so that other students can guess the location.As in many of Van Allsburg's books, the characters develop and change by passing through a dangerous or challenging experience unscathed.Once again we are encouraged to celebrate and honor the comforts of a simple life.As we follow the ants on their journey to the pot of delicious crystals, the ordinary becomes extraordinary and powerful.A simple kitchen becomes a perilous obstacle course.• About the Book • Special Features • Teaching Ideas - Guiding Questions for a Two Bad Ants Read-aloud - Mystery Setting: Teaching Students to Show (Not Tell) When Describing Setting: An Upper-grade Writing Lesson - Making Predictions As We Read: A Lower-grade Reading Lesson • Just for Fun • Download book jacket • Download author photo Printer-Friendly Version E-Mail a Friend When an ant scout returns home with a mysterious crystal, the queen ant decides it is the most delicious food she has ever tasted.That evening the other ants, wishing to make the queen happy, set off on a journey to fetch home as many of these crystals as they can carry. Following the scout, the ants travel through the "forest" to the "mountain" they must climb in order to reach the treasure they seek.How does a particular description affect the story?If the description were left out, what would be the result?


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