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It needs proper reasoning and evaluation for each data or even word you include in the paper.

You cannot repeat yourself or get away without proving your major arguments or claiming your thesis.

Are you worried because you want to write a great paper for your academic purposes?

Do you think it is hard to attempt a dissertation or thesis because your degree depends upon it?

Mardelle Shepley Design for the frail old: environmental and perceptual influences on corridor walking behaviors of assisted living residents Althea G. Phillip Tabb The sacred in architecture: A study of the presence and quality of place-making patterns in sacred and secular buildings Carlos Nome - 2008: Prof.

Robert Johnson Pre-Programming: Evaluation of Workspace Types and Workspace Alternatives in Educational Settings Irina Solovyova - 2008: Prof.Mark Clayton Contemporary Strategies for Sustainable Design Kiyoung Son - 2012: Prof. Paul Woods Regression Model Predicting Appraised Unit Value of Land in San Francisco County from Number of and Distance to Public Transit Stops using GIS Hyojin Kim - 2012: Prof.Jeff Haberl Methodology for Rating a Building's Overall Performance based on the ASHRAE/CIBSE/USGBC Performance Measurement Protocols for Commercial Buildings Bradley Angell - 2012: Prof.You should never move forward with the writing process unless the teacher finds your proposal perfect and ready for approval.The proposal needs to be clear and direct to avoid any confusion .Mardelle Shepley Usability of Outdoor Spaces in Children's Hospitals Pasquale De Paola - 2011: Prof.Frances Downing A Question of Method: Architettura Razionale and the XV Milan Triennale of 1973 Edelmiro Escamilla - 2011: Prof. James Smith Investigation of Project Management Planning Practices for Renovation of Historical Buildings in Urban Contexts Located in Texas Laura Prestwood - 2010: Prof.Don House Optimization of single and layered surface texturing Carols Arias Reimers - 2009: Prof. Andrew Seidel Housing diversity and consolidation in low income Colonias patterns of house form and household arrangements in Colonias of the US Craig Anz - 2009: Prof.Frances Downing Critical Environmentalism - Towards An Epistemic Framework For Architecture Gali Zilbershtein - 2009: Prof.If the teacher thinks the topic is unique, the research methods are fair, the scope and thesis statement for the paper are valid and approves your data collection process then you should move forward with the rest of the paper.If the teacher asks you to revise your ideas and reconsider your research process, then you need to do it at this stage.


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