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The company has expanded customer service efforts, including starting an adviser program, which offers customers free in-home consultations about what products to buy and how to install them. Many people, myself included, assumed that the entire big-box retail sector would eventually fall under Amazon’s steamroller.

While running errands the other day, I ducked into a local Best Buy to pick up a pair of new headphones. Happy-looking people were huddled around tables filled with the latest gadgets from Microsoft and Apple. Blue-shirted employees were helping a customer pick from a glowing wall of flat-screen TVs. I knew Best Buy had spent the past several years playing defense against Amazon, finding some initial success by cutting costs and reducing prices to match its online rivals.

It was a small, subtle change, but it allowed Best Buy to improve its shipping times, and made immediate gratification possible for customers.

Now, roughly 40 percent of Best Buy’s online orders are either shipped or picked up from a store.

The most worrisome trend in big-box retail was “showrooming” — customers were testing new products in stores before buying them for less money online from another retailer.

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To combat showrooming and persuade customers to complete their purchases at Best Buy, Mr.

Which means that if Samsung wants to show off its newest line of tablets in a big-box electronics store, it has basically one choice.

Almost every business turnaround plan includes cutting costs. Joly, Best Buy has used the scalpel as quietly as possible, gradually letting leases expire for unprofitable stores and consolidating its overseas divisions.

So it started an adviser program that allows customers to get free in-home consultations about what product they should buy, and how it should be installed.

The service started as a pilot program last year and is now being rolled out nationwide.


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