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You may be unsurprised to hear that researchers have also found that presenting these findings seems to have pretty much no effect on the behavior of students convinced of the benefits of music for studying!

Sadly, it now seems pretty clear that the widely proclaimed “Mozart effect” was a myth almost entirely concocted by the media; listening to one particular composer or genre is highly unlikely to transform your intellectual powers.

So if you’ve been force-feeding your ears sonatas in the hope of improving your exam scores, cease and desist!

This kind of connection between music and the brain is a tabloid-created fable.

He’s also found that music containing lyrics is especially disruptive during any task involving reading – a point also argued by Stanford University professor Clifford Nass.

However, both Perham and Nass acknowledge the potential of music to help create the perfect state of mind for studying, somewhere in between relaxation and excitement.Currently almost 8,000 followers "_" Bm8SUp4Re Ra Dkm Xl FH? We would love to help but unfortunately this is probably not the most effective channel for this.If your daughter was studying at Yale, you could perhaps try contacting the university to see if she is part of their alumni network. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.Together, they cited information from 16 references.Do you prefer complete silence, or do your favorite tunes help you get into your mental study zone?Share your own anecdotal findings about music and the brain in the comments below.Though there are some occasions when I like studying in complete silence, I can remember several bright moments which involved formulas to be used for problem-solving, textbooks to be read or notes to be typed up, when my brain was stimulated by rock ‘n’ roll beats." Zain: Save the music for study breaks "As far as music is concerned, I am generally more inclined towards listening to soothing and soft songs.However, when I am studying I strictly refrain from listening to any melodies as I am easily distracted.So it seems that listening to some favorite music commencing studies could help, even if silence is golden during the actual brainwork.Despite the efforts of academia to persuade us that switching off the tunes will really help switch on our intellects, many students remain convinced that their headphones are an essential study tool.


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