Biofuel Research Paper

Also, if an undeveloped or developing country is trying to establish exports, or import less fuel, it might decide that it is also preferable to use that field to grow corn to make biofuels.

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This sample environmental science research paper explores the importance and significance of biodiesel production methods that will enhance ecological security.

Alternative fuels and renewable sources of energy are the future of the energy market, and this paper goes into serious depth regarding the ways in which ecological security can be obtained.

Opponents also worry if the growth of plants is fast enough to accommodate fuel needs. Energy Information Administration, the lubricating properties of biodiesel (lubricity) are more reliable than petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel is also a cleaner burning fuel than petroleum-based diesel, reducing tailpipe emissions.

Another category of potential feedstocks for biodiesel is microalgae. 135)Although particular biodiesel produced from a variety of sources may have different properties and pros and cons, the following are some of the general advantages and disadvantages of biodiesel fuels. (“Biodiesel Benefits”; “Biodiesel and the Environment”). When blended with petroleum, up to a 20% blend (B20), biodiesel is energy balanced, having approximately 3.2 times the energy expended to produce it. Biodiesel may also be carbon neutral as some sources such as soybeans or palm oil absorb CO2 while growing, although, as discussed in more detail below, this issue is complicated by the competing negative effects of clear-cutting swaths of land to make room for these crops.

(Liu, et al, 142-143; Doornosch, and Steenblik, 3-4 ). An ear of corn can go to market to feed people, or can be used to feed starving people, or it can be used to produce fuel.

On a field that is already part of a farm used to grow food, using it to produce corn is probably acceptable to most interests.

Any diversion of land from food or feed production to production of energy biomass will influence food prices....

The effects on farm commodity prices can already be seen....

Microalgae does not require setting aside fields used to grow food crops to produce fuel and yellow grease involves recycling already used cooking oil available in sufficient quantities around the world to at least make a difference.

The diesel engine was developed by Rudolph Diesel over 125 years ago as an alternative energy resource to the bulky steam engines of the day and as a means of bringing the smaller more efficient engine to smaller companies.


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