Blended Skills And Critical Thinking Throughout The Nursing Process

used by health care professionals Intuitive Problem Solvingunderstanding of a situation based on background, knowledge and skill Developing Cognitive Skills Critical thinking: a systematic way to form and shape one’s thinking. Describe the purpose of nursing observation, interview, and physical assessment. Determine patient’s current responses (physical and emotional) 2.

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Cue: used to denote significant data or data that influence this analysis data cluster: a grouping of patient data or cues that points to the existence of a patient health problem (patterns or trends) diagnosing diagnostic error defining characteristics: subjective and objective data that signals the existence of the actual or potential health problem health problem: a condition that necessitates intervention to prevent or resolve disease or illness or to promote coping and wellness medical diagnoses : Identify diseases nursing diagnoses: actual/potential health problem that can be prevented/resolved by independent nursing intervention possible nursing diagnoses risk nursing diagnoses standard: a norm, a generally accepted rule syndrome nursing diagnoses wellness diagnoses o Nursing diagnoses provide the basis for selecting nursing interventions that will achieve valued patient outcomes for which the nurse is responsible o Be sure to ask patients what they believe their most important problems or issues are and have them confirm what your assessment is revealing and help you prioritize the resulting list of diagnoses Chapter 16: Outcome Identification and Planning o o o o Establish Priorities Identify and write expected patient outcomes Select evidence-based nursing interventions Communicate the plan of nursing care Key Points After completing the chapter, you will be able to accomplish the following: 1.

Describe the purpose and benefits of outcome identification and planning.

Reaching Conclusions (based on evidence) o No problem o Possible Problem - Collect more data to validate suspicion o Actual or Potential Nursing Diagnosis - Begin Planning, implementing, and evaluating care designed to prevent, reduce or resolve the problem o Clinical Problem Other Than Nursing Diagnosis - Collaborative Problem 5.

Use the guidelines for writing nursing diagnoses when developing diagnostic statements. Problem (make sure it suggests patient outcomes) 2.

Bathing/Hygiene Self-Care Deficit related to fear of falling in tub and obesity)OR written as a three part statement that also includes the problem’s defining characteristics: (i.e. Actual: problem that has been validated by the presence 2.

Bathing/Hygiene Self-Care Deficit related to fear of falling in tub and obesity, as manifested by strong odor and urine odor, unclean hair, statement of fearing fall in tub , and height and weight, 5’4, 170 lb) o Write in legally advisable terms o Nonjudgmental language o Make sure problem statement includes what is unhealthy or what wants to be enhanced o Avoid using defining characteristics, medical diagnoses or something that cant be changed in problem statement o Identify strengths patient can use to resolve health problems 6. Allows patients to be me informed and willing participants in their own care (validate diagnoses and assist in prioritization) 3.Types of Questions used in Interviews o Open-ended—allow patient to verbalize freely o Closed—elicit specific information o Validating—validate what is heard o Clarifying—avert misconceptions o Reflective—encourage patient to elaborate on thoughts and feelings o Sequencing—place events in chronological order o Directing—obtain more patient information 9. SDA don’t eat pork) Patient Interview- how a history is obtained Preparatory Phase: reading past records that are available Introductory Phase: state name and status, identify purpose of interview, and clarify roles of nurse and patient (i.e. My name is Lisa Gray and I’ll be your student nurse. ” ) Working Phase: nurse gathers all the information needed to form the subjective database.Plan patient assessments by identifying assessment priorities and structuring the data to be collected systematically. Identify common problems encountered in data collection, noting their possible cause. Right now I’d like to ask you a few questions about yourself so that we can plan your nursing care together. Termination: tell them interview is done, what to expect next, when will contact be re-established, can I do anything else for you before I go?Chapter 13 (11 on mine)Blended Skills and Critical Thinking throughout Nursing Process The Nursing Process (According to Yura and Walsh): 1. Determines the patient current ability to manage care 3.Assessment (Assessment and Evaluation intertwine) 2. Determine the immediate environment and its safety 4. Interpretation of data recorded and not observed behavior (bias/opinion) 11.See what our staff is saying about working and practicing at Virginia Mason; how they individually and collectively contribute to ongoing quality improvement; as well as what they’re passionate about and grateful for in their roles.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Improved communication (if diagnoses is accurate) and accountability 4. Conclusion: Avoid labeling patients in a way that objectifies them or limits the potential range of nurse patient interactions Pg.258 KEY TERMS actual nursing diagnoses collaborative problems : PRIMARY RESPONSIB.Helps define domain of nursing for health care admins , legislators etc. Define curriculum content, direct specialization and advancement and nursing and nursing research 6. Limits originality and ability to think things through 8. certain physiologic complications that nurses monitor to detect onset or changes in status.


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