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Social Networking has taken bullying to the extreme. Growing up, I experienced the typical name calling and spiteful comments. “Cyber bullying is defined as using the computer or other electronic devices to intimidate, threaten or humiliate another individual,” Admin October 13th, 2008.

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The internet has a pivotal impact on society today and is a rich subject for sociology writing.For decades, physical bullying has been a consistent problem for young people attending school.Yet the rapid growth of the Internet has redefined how students pick on one another.This is a sample essay written about the tragedies that have occurred as a result of cyber bullying in the last several years, as well as how school administrators, students, and parents can best go about protecting their loved ones from these attacks in the future.If you are interested in purchasing a custom essay sample on this topic (or any other), give us a call or simply check out some of our writing services today!With the onslaught of cyber bullying, it can only be dealt with by continuous monitoring by parents and a general ascertaining by Congress to curtail it through the passage of laws specifically combating it head on.Prospective problems such as cyber bullying, sexting and inappropriate behavior can occur without the appropriate monitoring by parents and the lack of regulation associated with today's youth and young individuals. I find this topic compelling because it’s a matter that has spiraled out of control.Hartman 3 There’s not a legitimate reason for cyber bullying. It’s common for them to bully another just to boost their ego. Some may think it’s humorous to tease and make fun of others and that it’s not harmful in any way.A lack of self-regulation and potential susceptibility to peer pressure, many young individuals today are at risk of succumbing to social media and the hazards that come along with it.A significant portion of individuals today are digitally prone to head towards technological advances such as social media as a form of interaction (O'Keeffe & Clarke-Pearson, 2011). It has become the groundwork for much of the multicultural understanding.


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