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Since then, I’ve tweaked, added, deleted and spent hours deliberating this plan, and this post is the result of all of that.Yes, I’m coming from the perspective of a food and running blogger, but these ideas can be used regardless of your blogging specialization.

It was my dad that pointed out to me several years ago that if I was going to delve into every facet of blogging seriously, then I needed a plan. Clearly he saw the “deer in headlights” look in my eyes and, thankfully, gave me a push in the right direction.

A few days later, there was an email in my mailbox, with an outline of the things I might include in this plan.

Sitting down and hammering out a business plan for your blog forces you to write down all of the specifics, do research and create strategies that will help your blog become a success.

As Melyssa Griffin says on her blog, “It is essentially a roadmap of your blog business, written with your audience in mind.”But don't be intimidated.

You can choose to split this one up into two different sections, but if you're new to blogging you might want to combine them into one.

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Analyzing your competition and conducting market research doesn't have to come from a competitive place.He reminded me that if I hoped to make this a career path, or even something that brought in some extra money, it was very important to inject some planning so that I had realistic goals and could give myself some economic comfort about where the whole thing was going.I’ve learned that it’s one thing if your blog is to be a hobby, but it is an animal of an entirely different color if it is to be a rewarding long-term project for you, as well as a contributor to family income.While you’re there check out their Media Kit template, which is a must if you plan to work with brands.1) Cash flow I know that there is a lot of information here, and a lot to think about.Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor is a blog business plan. Add to your plan day-by-day, make changes as needed.You may also eventually want to trademark your blog name. This part may be a little daunting, but it turns plans into necessary numbers.If this section is carefully written, it will help you formulate a plan to get your blog in front of your readers’ eyes and, possibly, the eyes of brands and PR agencies.1) Who are your target readers? The critical part is the first 12 months, but it’s a good idea to do a 2 to 3 year forecast if you can. Some bloggers stick with ad networks, and others work with brands or utilize affiliate links on their blogs.You may choose to pitch to digital or print magazines, or write for other sites that hire guest contributors.If you’re not sure where to start or find yourself sitting on a plateau, check out this helpful ebook, How to Monetize Your Food Blog (thought the suggestions are relevant for almost any kind of blog).When I first started this whole blogging thing five years ago, it was a hobby, something I planned to do in my free time. Okay, that was probably only one or two months into it because I loved every single aspect of blogging.When I hit the 5-year mark, I posted my Top 10 Tips for New (& Experienced) Bloggers.


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