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This allows you to drive toward those goals with that sense of urgency and energy that you might associate with that ‘final push’ in December.

Now you can work to achieve those same great results in 12-week increments for even greater results by the time you get to year end! You see the benefits of planning in 12-week increments, so how do you do that?

You could just get in your car and start driving, but what if you can’t get to your destination by car?

Or, what if you are driving in the wrong direction?

Then, when the deadline (year-end) approaches, we kick it into high gear.

Moran goes on to explain that for many agents and firms, December is often the best month of the year, and fourth quarter often represents 30 to 40 percent of annual sales.

One of the key concepts in this book is that the difficulty with annual plans is that we always think we have more time to achieve our goals.

Because we think this way, we lack a sense of urgency and act accordingly.

Here are some tips on creating an effective plan structure to get you started with a basic business plan. Make tasks specific and measurable: When creating a goal, it is important to be specific and make sure you quantify and qualify what success looks like.

Maybe ask yourself, how many appointments will I set each day with current and prospective clients to be successful? Be Positive: Being positive in any situation is crucial, as it helps you become more relaxed and not as stressed.


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