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El proceso para la planificación estratégica es programable, sistemático, racional y holístico e integra el largo, medio y corto plazo, lo que permite orientar la organización sanitaria hacia transformaciones relevantes y duraderas para el futuro.Strategic planning is a completely valid and useful tool for guiding all types of organizations, including healthcare organizations.

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However, in changing or turbulent environments, the risk of failure is obviously greater when no plan exists.

Two common errors are not involving the right people and not addressing the really relevant issues due to their being too burdensome or complex.

The strategy is a means that the organization chooses in order to move from its current situation to a desired situation in the future”.

that should be placed on anything considered to have a strategic role.

Strategic planning is definitely not a bed of roses.

It is expensive, especially in the amount of time invested by members at different levels of the organization, and may seem very tedious or a waste of time.It is the set of decision-making criteria and the decisions taken and implemented by an organization to definitively and permanently guide its activities and structure.We would like to highlight 2 important aspects: The following could serve as an academic definition of SP: “A proactive, structured process implemented by organizations consisting of the dynamic use of specific selected external opportunities that engage and develop internal competencies with the aim of fulfilling the organization's mission and creating value for its stakeholders”.In these circumstances, SP is a fully applicable tool that is both useful and relevant to the HO.If SP is not conducted, then in a few years HOs could become irrelevant or even cease to exist. Strategic planning establishes a clear and explicit framework with criteria for making day-to-day decisions and identifying fragmentary and unaligned choices or personal value judgments, all of which facilitates and simplifies managerial decision-making.A thorough understanding of some of the conceptual aspects of strategic planning (SP) is essential before it can be effectively implemented.Unless such understanding is achieved–which is not always the case–the process may be approached in a superficial manner, which is a common cause for the failure of SP.Strategic planning may uncover differences or conflicts that were more or less hidden and which the members had learned to live with, thus making the situation during the process seem worse than before.Given that SP not an exact science, a genuine fear is that even with good SP an organization may still fail.The organizational level at which the strategic planning process is relevant depends on the unit's size, its complexity and the differentiation of the service provided.A cardiology department, a hemodynamic unit or an electrophysiology unit can be an appropriate level, as long as their plans align with other plans at higher levels.


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