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Thus, it can quickly become a high monthly cost for the individual.Second, Java Net looked at how cyber-cafes in other markets such as Portland and Ashland went about pricing Internet access.

Some charge a monthly fee, while others charge an hourly fee.

In addition, some providers use a strategy with a combination of both pricing schemes.

The third strategy focuses on building a social environment for Java Net customers.

A social environment, that provides entertainment, will serve to attract customers that wouldn't normally think about using the Internet.

Accompanying the ad will be a coupon for a free hour of Internet travel.

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Furthermore, Java Net will give away three free hours of Internet use to beginners who sign up for an introduction to the Internet workshop provided by Java Net.Java Net will follow a differentiation strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in the cafe market.By providing Internet service, Java Net separates itself from all other cafes in Eugene.These weaknesses include: a dependence on quickly changing technology, and the cost factor associated with keeping state-of-the art computer hardware.Java Net's strengths will help it capitalize on emerging opportunities.First, we considered the cost to use other Internet servers, whether it is a local networking firm or a provider such as America Online.Internet access providers use different pricing schemes.Determining a fair market, hourly price, for online use is more difficult because there is no direct competition from another cyber-cafe in Eugene.Therefore, Java Net considered three sources to determine the hourly charge rate.Java Net will use advertising as its main source of promotion.Ads placed in The Register Guard, Eugene Weekly, and the Emerald will help build customer awareness.


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