Camel Essay In Urdu

In the time since Broken Hill locals dusted Kasasol Ambia of sand in the 1960s, why had four Australian historians mislabelled the book?Why did the history books accompanying South Asian travellers to the West play no role in the histories that are written about them? The frightened camel pleaded with the jackal not to do so.

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As a concealed pen inscribed words onto a tablet, he narrates, seven heavens and seven lands came into being, and “Adam Sufi” was sculpted from clay.

Over the 500 pages of verse that follow, Adam meets Purusha, Alexander the Great searches for immortal Khidr, and married Zulekha falls hopelessly in love with Yusuf.

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As I strained to parse unfamiliar Persian, Hindi and Arabic words, woven into a tapestry of 19th-century Bengali grammar, I slowly started to glimpse the shimmering imagery of the poetry.

Creation began with a pen, wrote Munshi Rezaulla, the first of the three poets of Kasasol Ambia.As Rezaulla wrote, “Stories of the Prophets (Kasasol Ambia) I name this chain.” Its pages stringing together motif after motif from narratives that have long circulated the Indian Ocean, Kasasol Ambia described events spanning thousands of years, ending in the sixth year of the Muslim Hijri calendar.Cocooned from the winds raging outside, I realised I was reading a Bengali book of popular history.The book was titled Kasasol Ambia (Stories of the Prophets).Printed in Calcutta, it was a compendium of eight volumes published separately between 18. Every story began by naming the tempo at which it should be performed, for these poems were written to be sung out loud to audiences.” In search of answers, the poet wrote, “I leapt into the sea.Searching for pearls, I began threading a chain.” Here the imagery of the poet’s body immersed in a sea evokes a pen dipped in ink stringing together line after line of poetry.As Rezaulla tells us, it was his Sufi guide who instructed him to translate Persian and Hindi stories into Bengali.Overwhelmed by the task, Rezaulla asked, “I am so ignorant, in what form will I write poetry?The jackal said, “Friend, I have this habit after every meal.I cannot help it." Soon the farmers arrived and gave a sound thrashing to the camel.


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