Changing Bad Habit Essay

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Once you identify each part, you can tailor ways to combat or replace those habits. Once you have identified the reward, you can find another activity to replace it. Certain time, place, activity, emotion or people can trigger habits.

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It’s when you get your phone and scroll social media feed instead of doing what you must. Many people want to stop eating unhealthy chips, yet, they cannot stop from buying them.

It’s when you take a long nap even though you need to finish something. You can develop a principle “out of sight, out of mind.” When you don’t see that craving, it is easier to ignore it. To find out the cue, Duhigg suggests writing five things when the urge hits.

You could be successful in any task you pursue only if bad habits don’t often interfere in the process.

Eating healthy, being productive, producing quality outputs — they are all possible.

Bad habits are difficult to break because they make a person feel good. Russell Poldrack said that pleasure-based habits are harder to break.

The brain releases a chemical dopamine when it experiences an enjoyable behavior.

You can test by changing the cue that drives the habit.

Researchers from the University of Houston performed an experiment where they instructed one group to use “I can’t” while the other used “I don’t”.

It is when you grab a box of cookies when you have to eat salad instead. To have a clear picture, identify the five categories: location, time, emotion, people and preceding action.

This routine robs your time that can be devoted to tackling more important tasks. Track down the activity for at least three days until you find the recurring pattern.


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