Charles Taylor Philosophical Papers 2

In 1956, Taylor was named Fellow at Oxford’s All Souls College.

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Management therefore rests on a host of unarticulated but constitutive beliefs and ideas.

One of the ideas that has recurred in your writings over the years has been just how significant the unsaid is, and how valuable it can be to articulate this.

The youngest of three children, he was raised in a bilingual household.

His father, Walter Margrave Taylor, was a steel magnate and an anglophone Protestant from Toronto.

Taylor attended Selwyn House, a private boys’ school in Montreal.

He later completed his secondary schooling at Trinity College School, a co-educational college preparatory school in Port Hope, Ontario.

In his early work (1964), Taylor critiqued the psychological theory of behaviourism.

He maintained instead that explanations of human actions must include reference to purpose and always involve an element of interpretation.

After leaving the All Souls Fellowship in 1961, he returned to Montreal to join the Department of Political Science at Mc Gill University and the Université de Montréal in 1963.

In 1976, Taylor became Chichele Chair at Oxford, considered to be the world’s most prestigious chair in political philosophy.


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