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In the last decade, I have assisted approximately 650 American applicants and nearly 510 got admitted to top 25 MBA programs.

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That said, we would recommend 1,000 words per essay as the absolute upper limit, and only in exceedingly rare cases.

Returning to the prompts, the school’s first essay is a very traditional career essay, in which you will need to reveal that your MBA is a well-thought-out professional imperative and that Chicago Booth is the clear bridge to your future.

Our more in-depth essay advice follows…If this essay prompt seems rather simplistic and straightforward, that is because it is.

Chicago Booth is requesting very fundamental—yet incredibly important—information and really just wants you to provide it so the school can understand your motivation for pursuing an MBA from its program and where you expect to go in your career afterward.

How to convey my strengths and convince the schools that I have the ability to become a successful leader? Have a Skype session with our Founder & Director, who is an expert on MBA admissions in order to formulate your school selection strategy and chalk out your overall message to various schools. You could begin this essay by drawing attention to your present professional status, and where you intend to go from here within the next few years (which covers the time you will be attending the program).

Finally, do mention why Chicago Booth Evening / Weekend program is your best option.for this year, the admissions committee at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business noted that after completely recasting its questions last season, it received “responses [that] disclosed amazing insights into our applicants’ professional aspirations as well as personal interests.” So why change them, right?Again, candidates must respond to two short, direct essay questions that, interestingly, have stipulated —rather than maximum—word counts. Elaborate on your target positions, roles and responsibilities, possible challenges that you wish to encounter and so on. While explaining your short-term goal, don’t limit yourself only to your professional objectives, but also talk about what you dream to accomplish for your client(s) / organization.You have encountered challenges in various projects, personality conflicts, intense negotiations with clients, industry best practices and so on.You might also have experienced departmental rivalries and organization politics and seen how even the best teams are unable to deliver results sometimes due to a leadership crisis.Now, think carefully and make up your mind as to which particular experiences would be best for you to choose, keeping in mind the leadership lessons you would like to share with your Chicago Booth peers.Which ones will have maximum impact on your peers’ leadership potential? Please read my tips for this optional essay in my blog!The Chicago Booth admissions team is eager to know how you are going to contribute to the class and what value you will add to your peers.As a mid-career working professional, you have a wide range of experiences.


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