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We cover everything from application timelines and strategies to tips on financing your child's education.What “interests, leadership experiences, and other passions” influenced your choices?Is there a common thread to your decision-making process that will tie together these decisions, as well as your essay?The second assignment is where students are most frequently challenged, and understandably so.Within this assignment, you have two equally important tasks: choose a prompt, and write a response to it.they’ve made a decision to apply to a particular university; that they are rooted in some important academic or cultural aspect of the institution with which they are associated. The release of the extended essay questions each fall is a notable event in the world of college admissions, where counselors are as often intrigued as they are annoyed at the year’s brand new set of complex thought experiments, unusual juxtapositions, and portmant-odes to pop culture. The University of Chicago may not be right for you. For the University of Chicago, the extended essay is a marketing tool and a warning—a declaration to prospective students that the institution is seriously intellectual and, just as frequently, seriously unserious.While it would seem that the writing of the prompt is the more important thing, I find students often struggle more with the choosing.To make this process serve you, you ought to consider not only the five options for your year, but also the library of options from years prior.The first of these is a rather typical question about your interest in the university, and ought to be approached as such.You’re expected to look forward to opportunities at Chicago and how you’ll take advantage of them, given your desire for a particular kind of place.


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