Child Language Observation Essays

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A toddler is a young child who is learning how to stand, walk and talk.

Toddlerhood is the second stage of development after infancy between the ages of 12 to 36 months old.

Chloe was cool and collected and she didn’t like when Janice was taking all the toys, she would react by shouting and crying throwing the toys all over the place.

From this study I realized children are very independent and you can not dictate what type of activity they should play or indulge in, for instance when Chloe was given a ball to play with she threw it down and started playing with crayons.

A narrative observation, also known as an anecdotal record, is a form of direct observation used by teachers and parents.

The assessment method involves watching a child's activities and recording everything the educator observes.Playing objects were placed on a surface in a room Chloe (18months) picked the toys with her left hand, with hands working in opposite motion, Janice (24months) runs and shouts picking the blocks with both hands in similar motion.Chloe is first to be given the ball, she use her right foot tossing and rolling the ball, Janice comes shouting “goal” then she kicks the ball with her right foot.If the child is struggling with student to student interaction, setting the time parameters may be as simple as choosing recess time.If the student struggles with reading, the set time may be during silent reading for several days.As you prepare for the narrative observation and making a diary records observation of that time, creating columns for notes is helpful.First, write "Narrative" on the left-hand side of the same page and then "Interpretations" on the right side of the page.Draw a line between the two words all the way to the bottom of the page for your future observations.Before bringing the preschool child into the process of a narrative observation, you need to determine the length of time needed and what processes you are observing.Toddlerhood is a time when a child’s world is fresh, beautiful, exciting and they are very curious to explore (Schrank 7) Technology has made parents to start observing their infants long before they are born as it helps them understand the motor development skills of a child (Fromberg and Bergen 407).The purpose of this paper is to observe the fine and gross motor development skills of toddlers.


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