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In the earlier question, students might find that out of six Cinderella stories, the nemesis is the mother or step-mother three times, a sister or step-sister twice, and a scary animal once.

In the earlier question, students might find that out of six Cinderella stories, the nemesis is the mother or step-mother three times, a sister or step-sister twice, and a scary animal once.

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Have students draw their favorite parts of a Cinderella story and add illustrations to corresponding countries on a large illustrated world map.

Math: Students work on data collected from the Cinderella stories with sorting activities in which they sort stories by attributes, describing what distinguishes one cluster of stories from another.

Students “ride along as virtual passengers” on the same journey as their characters.

Let students in small groups pick out a favorite version from another country, do additional research on the country, and act out the story with props.

Lead a whole-class constructive critique by asking questions such as "what is that?

This post is part of the MIT Libraries Public Domain Day celebration.With nearly every culture touting some variation of this tale, the study and comparison of Cinderella stories is a great way to foster cross-cultural comparisons in the classroom while teaching literacy and making connections across the curriculum.In this unit, students explore a wide range of multi-cultural Cinderella stories, reflecting on similarities and differences of the stories.Barrie’s copyright in the play would protect unique aspects he added, but not the well known character or plot.Procedures for teachers is divided into four sections: Prep -- Preparing for the lesson Steps -- Conducting the lesson Extensions -- Additional activities Tips - Managing resources and student activities Community Connections - Real world actions for students after completion of the lesson Prep Bookmarked sites: Bookmark all of the Web sites used in the lesson and create a word processing document listing all of the links to distribute to students.Help students chart the essential parts of a Cinderella Story. Modify the list of common elements your class has made to make a large features analysis chart for your classroom to keep track of the story’s plot element commonalities: setting/country, main character, magical helper, problem or nemesis, means of recognition, gathering, and prize.As a class or inidivudally, read several more Cinderella stories and fill in the feature analysis chart as a class.Read the full text of public domain books digitized by the MIT Libraries, explore other volumes, and learn about the public domain at our opened on Broadway for Christmas 1916, and our copy of the script was published in 1923 with a copyright date of 1920. Barrie’s play is a (then) modern-day take on the classic Cinderella tale and character, which trace their roots far back into cultural history (the earliest known Cinderella tale dates from ~7 BCE).This deep history puts Cinderella into the public domain, which has allowed many authors to build on the story and a allowed the character to become as well known as she is today.You may want to use your usual read-aloud time and read two books a day over the course of several days. Finally, ask students to demonstrate their understanding of plot, characters, and variations by writing their own Cinderella story.Looking at the chart, ask students what is always the same throughout the stories? Ask them to introduce context and characters based on their own surroundings and place in the world. Lead a discussion on how each student's story reflects their own identity and community culture.


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