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I mean there were the bare workings of a narrative here—even the grasp on English is tenuous,” he said.

“I think that, you know, being able to read and write in English would be kind of a prerequisite for an American university.

In interviews with The Daily Beast, eight college application tutors shed light on the economy of editing, altering, and, at times, outright rewriting personal statements.

The essay editors, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity since many still work in their field, painted the portrait of an industry rife with ethical hazards, where the line between helping and cheating can become difficult to draw.

He conceded, however, that the rules were not always followed: “Bottom line is: It takes more time for an employee to sit with a student and help them figure things out for themselves, than it does to just do it.

We had problems in the past with people cutting corners.

One consultant, a 22-year-old Harvard graduate, told The Daily Beast that, during his senior year in college, he began working as an essay editor for a company that hires Ivy Leaguers to tutor applicants on a range of subjects.

When he took the job in September 2017, the company was still young and fairly informal.

The employees who spoke to The Daily Beast often worked for companies with similar approaches to essay writing.

For most, tutors would Skype with students early on in the application process to brainstorm ideas.


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