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Read the text below to understand what to write in your paper.It’s a snapshot into the mind of a 18-year-old, grappling with identity, figuring out what they want on the cusp of the world.This may all change—nothing you say in a college essay is set in stone—but in this moment at least, it sings true: beautiful, brilliant, and bold.College essays are a clever ploy for universities to get students to rethink who they were, are, and want to be. If you could have anyone living or dead as a dinner guest, who would it be? I got in touch with a part of myself I thought I had lost, exploring my connection to my heritage.Answering college questions gave me the arsenal and vocabulary I would need to gracefully and eloquently articulate my answers to questions I’d be asked the rest of my life: Where do you see yourself in five years? I understood how different aspects of my life have shaped me to be brave and bold.Treat them like precious time capsules you will one day open in the future.These kernels, results of deep soul-searching, will resonate with your audience, whether it’s a Yale admissions officer or your future 40-year-old self. So many things are up in the air–it can be a time that is fraught with anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty. It’s intimidating to face the sheer amount of work you have to do to secure your future success at the tender age of 18.I gave thanks to the people whose shoulders I’m standing on today.I rediscovered how much my parents love me, and how much I love my parents.


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