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A quick Internet search turns up many comments from job seekers who are glad to see it go and career experts who say, "Toss it." But some people still advise, "Better write a good one; they're important." I fall into the latter camp—but I do recognize that the role of the cover letter has changed.

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Another reason why a cover letter is good is that it allows you to present your strengths and accomplishments in bite-sized nuggets.

That's both good practice and an effective job-search strategy.

"In another instance, there may be a very strong emphasis on communication skills for a particular job, and there's no better way to get a grasp on that than to see how they write their cover letter.

Lastly, if there's a significant gap in employment—or perhaps a series of short stays in jobs—I want to see an explanation there in the cover letter." The passage of time is most obvious in the cover letter's changing format and appearance.

Andrea Piccarelli, manager of human resources at The Smithers Group in , tells me that while she doesn't consistently read them, cover letters are important in several situations.

"For example, if I look at the CV but notice the home address isn't in the geographical area of our business, I will go to the cover letter to see what the applicant had to say about the potential of actually making a move," Piccarelli says in an interview.You start to differentiate yourself, to focus on what you can do for them, and to sell that to the company.You should never use a "generic" cover letter that fails to make specific reference to a particular job or reader.My first priority with (name of company) would be to ensure that production is completed according to company standards while continuing to produce products consistent in both quality and design - the two primary elements the final customer will use to judge the product and brand in order to decide whether to become a loyal client or not for us in the future.I wish to thank you for the time taken today to read through this letter and I hope that my (enclosed/attached Resume/C.There's no better opportunity—at least until the interview—to point out a particular strength or hammer home the reasons you'd be an especially good fit for the position.You might well ask, "Why are cover letters necessary?No one opens a physical envelope anymore, and even the fax has mostly vanished.Your choice, then, is whether to work up a nicely formatted Microsoft Word or PDF version and incorporate it as page one of the CV—or, as most people do, separate them into two separate documents.My Job responsibilities have included (list your key job responsibilities) but I feel that I am capable of so much more and have actively been searching for some time now for new opportunities and challenges that will allow me to grow within my field.My strengths include my excellent, natural instincts as a planner and coordinator, ensuring deadlines can be met and quality effectively controlled in a timely manner without losing sight of the brand's image to be strictly maintained.


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