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But the author of the article not only failed to engage in critical thinking – he did no research at all. Of course, this is exactly what Common Core and SBAC want all of us to do. Note that the suffering of the Greek people is simply ignored in the article.”Sadly, the 2010 New York Times article chosen by SBAC for their ELA test was not much better than the revolting example of New York Times yellow journalism described above.The 2010 New York Times article, speaks in glowing terms about the failed Ed Reform scams of Presidents Bush and Obama as if they were a rousing success.

This would be in addition to all of the other courses required to graduate.The SBAC math test is filled with abstract and pointlessly complex questions that have no relationship to reality.It is no wonder that over 70% of high school juniors failed this test in Washington state in the spring of 2015.On July 5, 2015, the New York Times had the audacity to publish an article called “Now Europe Must Decide Whether to Make an Example of Greece” as if the people of Greece were small children who needed to be taken to the wood shed for failing to do their homework.The people of Greece were robbed of billions of dollars by wealthy banks and now face financial ruin at the hands of these same banks. supposedly devoted to “ever closer union” get perverted into a device of extortion that according to the author is likely to destroy not only Greece’s economy but also its democracy?Neither the President or Congress have any business telling states how to run their public schools.As for financial literacy, balancing a check book may be an important skill.Considering the fact that the SBAC test is one of the most expensive tests ever produced, costing tax payers more than 0 million dollars not including the billions of dollars spent on administering the test, one would have expected a test that asked questions about some of the great works in American literature such as the Declaration of Independence or the Gettysburg Address.Instead of classic works of English literature, the SBAC test uses writings that are little more than corporate propaganda.Most Americans aren’t fluent in the language of money.Yet we’re expected to make big financial decisions as early as our teens — Should I take on thousands of dollars of student debt? While no course in personal finance could have prevented many Americans from getting caught up in the housing bubble, it’s clear that most of us need some help, preferably starting when we’re still in school.


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