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As Ben is ready to depart, Willy daydreams in addition, and Charley and Bernard rush in to tell him that Biff and glad are stealing lumber.despite the fact that Ben ultimately leaves, Willy keeps to talk to him.He strategies The girl, who's nevertheless laughing, and engages in every other reminiscent daydream.

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Willy straight away brightens and gives Biff a bunch of recommendations about inquiring for a mortgage from one in all Biff’s old employers, bill Oliver.

After greater arguing and reconciliation, every person sooner or later is going to mattress.

Linda informs Willy that Biff and happy are taking him out to dinner that night.

Excited, Willy proclaims that he is going to make Howard Wagner give him a ny process.

Act II opens with Willy playing the breakfast that Linda has made for him.

Willy ponders the intense-seeming future earlier than getting irritated once more about his pricey home equipment.each depart, and even though the daydream ends, Willy maintains to mutter to himself.The older satisfied comes downstairs and attempts to quiet Willy.Linda mentions that Willy has tried to commit suicide.happy grows irritated and rebukes Biff for his failure inside the commercial enterprise global. happy intervenes and eventually proposes that he and Biff go into the sporting goods commercial enterprise collectively.The smartphone earrings, and Linda chats with Biff, reminding him to be first-class to his father on the eating place that night.As the lighting fixtures fade on Linda, they come up on Howard gambling with a cord recorder in his office.As a flute melody performs, Willy Loman returns to his home in Brooklyn one night, exhausted from a failed sales ride.His wife, Linda, tries to steer him to invite his boss, Howard Wagner, to permit him work in ny in order that he gained’t should travel.Willy confides in Biff and happy that he goes to open his very own commercial enterprise someday, larger than that owned by using his neighbor, Charley.Charley’s son, Bernard, enters searching out Biff, who ought to take a look at for math magnificence for you to keep away from failing.


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