Difficult Journey Essay

Like many Americans, I want to eventually buy my own house.

As a recent college graduate, Lauren Aguirre (SMU '15) sees both challenges and opportunities for herself and her classmates.

And while there is cause for worry, there is more cause for optimism that this generation is uniquely prepared for the world.

But, for millennials, finding a decent job doesn’t automatically guarantee an opportunity to save a lot of money.

With the rising cost of living, along with other expenses like a phone plan and Internet access, it is getting harder to save consistently.

Technology has given us capabilities that we never would have had otherwise. My parents valued and supported my education throughout my life.

Learning was a part of my upbringing and is now ingrained in my habits. This is only natural for me, coming from parents who relish new information and stories.Because I do not use a car regularly, I value walkability.Dedicated footpaths make it much easier to walk through and explore Dallas.There are also several different repayment plans available for federal loans.However, paying off these student loans will still impact my financial future.I cannot speak for all millennials, but I am optimistic about my future. I enjoy my current job and am looking forward to building on my experience to further my career. Like many graduates, student loans are hanging over my head.What’s not to like about this sense of freedom and exploration? I’m glad for the six-month grace period after graduation.Some would say that we are too involved in the digital world to actually care about the physical one. A smartphone can be a distraction, but it isn’t inherently one. You can use it to mindlessly watch cat videos or talk to someone miles away.Every smartphone, every computer, every tablet is a portal to the rest of the world.The way ahead for me, as well as for others in my generation, is getting a job and saving.I am fortunate to have a solid job in journalism, my industry.


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