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Full dissertations can be viewed at NC Docks for dissertations published 2010 and after.On this page you will find a list of Near Eastern Studies Ph. “The development and structure of the Turkish Futuwah guilds.” Landen, Robert Geran.

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Below are the ASU EDL Doctoral Program Dissertation Titles.

D.s, their dissertation titles, and advisors if known from the establishment of the department in 1927 as the Department of Oriental Languages and Literatures to the present day. “Modernization and imperialism in Oman in the late nineteenth century.” Partington, David H.

The dissertations are arranged chronologically, most recent to oldest. “Modern Islamic Political Thought: Islamism in the Arab World from the Late 20th to Early 21st Centuries.” Bernard Haykel. “The Nisab Al-Ihtisab, an Arabic religio-legal text.” Peters, Francis Edward.

“Al-Riddah and the Muslim conquest of Arabia: a re-evaluation.” 1967 Ahmad, Eqbal.

“Ali Bey al-Kabīr and the mamluk resurgence in Ottoman Egypt, 1760–1772.” Shoufani, Elias Shukri. “The development of military slavery under the Abbasid caliphs of the ninth century A. “A study of Al-Ya’qubi, with special reference to his alleged Shī’a bias.” Oxtoby, Willard Gurdon. “The Ottoman government and the Arabs, 1911 to 1918: a preliminary study of the Teskilat-I Mahsusa.” 1962 Forand, Paul Glidden. H.), with special reference to the reigns of Mu’tasim and Mu’tadid.” Millward, William, G.“Manifest Enmity: The Origins, Development, and Persistence of Classical Wahhabism (1153–1351/1741–1932).” Bernard Haykel. “Rerouting the Persian Gulf: The Transnationalization of Iranian Migrant Networks, c. “Aristoteles Arabus: the oriental translations and commentaries on the Aristotelian corpus.” Shamir, Shimon. “A Century of Upheaval: The fall of the Imāmate and the Rise of the Ḥūthīs in Yemen, 1904–2014.” Bernard A. “Some inscriptions of the Safaitic Beduin.” 1961 Breebaart, Deodaat Anne. “Imperial Formations in Occupied Lands: The Russian Occupation of Ottoman Territories during the First World War.” M. “The Ulama and the state in modern Egypt.” Verdery, Richard Nesmith. “The Wiles of Women in Ottoman and Azeri Texts.” M. “Politics and labor in Tunisia.” Crecelius, Daniel Neil. “The Muslim judiciary of Damascus in the late Mumluk period.” Reid, Donald M. “Formal Structure in the Lyric Poetry of 'Abd Allah Ibn Al-Mu'tazz.” Andras P. “Hadramawt: crisis and intervention, 1866–1881.” Kawash, Sabri K. D.): a study of the background, education, and career of a ’Ālim in Egypt.” Mandaville, Jon Elliott. “The intellectual development of Ahmad Kasraví.” Weiss, Bernard G. “Compulsion in Religion: The Authoritarian Roots of Saddam Hussein’s Islam.” Bernard A. “Conflict and change in nineteenth century Morocco.” Staley, William C.


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