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I just replaced the battery as the old one was failing to hold a charge for more than 12 hours.From a full charge, the starter turns over nicely, and the bike starts easily.But the clue must lie in it's proximity to the chain!

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If I go for a ride, and stop the engine for a short period of time, e.g.

while refueling, the starter seems reluctant to turn at all; it just about manages to turn over if I hold the starter button down for a second or two.

Of course this is also a symptom of main selection. The good news is that carb parts are not very expensive. Regulator rectifier is not immune from issues if batt not kept up to snuff. This weekend I came home from a long ride with oil sprayed all over the back end and wheel.

Today I was riding my 2002 998 Ducati and had a sudden loss of power. I was nursing it back to my house and I would get power back for a second then lose it again. It appears as if it has leaked from somewhere on the left side of the bike heavily enough around the front sprocket to wet the chain...

-Kris, UK Check the shaft that the starter intermediary gears run on.

Sometimes these expand when hot and seize on the gears.

This could be as simple as a dirty battery terminal. When I try to start it, the starter engages then seems to disengage, making a terrible grinding noise located behind the clutch. Also, where could I find miscellaneous bits such as clutch hub, tachometer and cable, speedometer? I have had a basic feel of the cam belt tensioner bearings and they seam ok but other than that I'm stumped as to where this sound is coming from.

A tight terminal may have corrosion and not pass current under load. If voltage goes down when the key is turned on, you have a bad battery. Any insight you could give me on this would be much appreciated.

-Ian Costello, Italy Plug in back of starter relay, sprag, battery voltage low, could be a failed or failing reg/rectifier.

I suggest you try Electrex website for a good troubleshooting guide for starting/charging system.


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