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Pitfall: Mastering the skills required to evaluate interpretations is one of the most difficult to acquire at A-level.Students often find it challenging to ascertain why historians form contrasting opinions and evaluate which works are more persuasive than others.

In feedback, pupils summarise what they have learnt.

Pupils then watch ‘In context’ and answer key questions before being asked to consider 1930s America from different perspectives, e.g.

Two parcels containing the papers were "completely missing", the school added.

Teachers said Edexcel "refused to take any responsibility" for finding the parcels.

(Cards are hopefully set up to be printed as A6 cards (which I will laminate with picture on one side and context clue on reverse). Question focus for lesson: What was life like in 1930s America?

Cards are organised into groups – Stock market crash, Great Depression, Segregation, role of women, Hollywood, The Dust Bowl and The American Dream. Pupils make inferences based on images before reading context clues.Based on this analysis, below are some of the solutions offered in my new Pitfall: Students may choose a title that is either too broad or too narrow, is restricted in the number of interpretations available or is too complex for students to grasp.Solution: When choosing a title, students should bear in mind the following.Pitfall: However interesting a question, if students cannot access enough evidence they will not be able to meet the requirements of the mark scheme.Solution: When compiling resources, students could consider the following advice.The first round of entries for the coursework element of Edexcel A-level History have shown that real success is achievable when students have a clear and manageable route through its demands.Analysis of the performance of this first cohort has shown that a number of common pitfalls have emerged.A complete student friendly guide that covers every page or key area that needs to be included in the Coursework Unit (Unit 1 Creative Design and Make).It has been set out to follow the Specification and Marking Criteria.If your product is going to be made out of wood then mock it up in MDF.As a general rule modelling goes Card/paper MDF (at A-level anyway - perhaps your school has access to materials other than that such as styrofoam.


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