Engineering Problems To Solve

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For the second drop, the White Team had to release its egg from a height of about 6 feet (1.8 meters).

Chase climbed onto a chair, held out the egg and let go. The Broadcom finals challenged the competitors to think of the egg drop as analogous, or similar, to a car crash.

To help the Broadcom MASTERS finalists understand how apparently similar crashes could turn out so differently, the Insurance Institute provided detailed measurements from the collisions it had conducted.

The finalists then used these data to understand some critical differences.

The delicate egg hatched some heavy discussion among the five young scientists inspecting a pile of squishy packing materials. ” asked Samuel Coulson, 14, of West Platte High School in Weston, Mo. “Stop popping it,” said Maria Elena Grimmett, 13, from Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Fla.

The team, working with only the materials at hand, had to devise a way of protecting a raw egg from a series of increasingly higher drops. The 7th- to 9th-graders qualified as finalists in the competition based on a science fair project from the previous academic year.

Structural engineers may design a bridge to handle heavy loads, to span especially long distances or to withstand harsh conditions. And civil engineers design sewers, tunnels, buildings and other structures that we reply upon in everyday life.“Thunk!

” The White Team’s egg hit the bottom of a plastic bin on the carpeted floor of the hotel where the competition was taking place.

In the first video, a car ran into the back of a truck, but the crash wasn’t too bad.

In the second video, the same type of car ran into the same type of truck.


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