Essay About Friendship Or Love

I hope that I am a good friend for her too and none of my words, which can be said in the heat of the moment, offends her.

I want to apologize for my impulsiveness, and say that I love my friend with all my heart.

Even the best and the warmest day may be spoiled by a sudden thunder.

Our friendship was subjected to the serious trials and it was bulging at the seams.

I was a very sociable person and I always knew whom to call to kill the time together.

I had no communication deficit and I never wanted anybody to whom I could open my heart.There were the nasty days in our ideal relationships and I guessed that we wouldn’t withstand them.I was so happy, when the hardest period passed and our connection became even stronger. Its vividness, emotionality, and warm-heartedness show that its authors are creative, professional, and talented people, who are good experts of the writing field.Throughout our lives we are constantly meeting new people and forming relationships that may or, may not develop into anything more serious than a casual exchange in conversation.Relationships will always vary in the degree of emotional closeness.My best friend is always next to me when I am on the anxious bench.I want to say her thanks for all her good deeds, which she does for the sake of our friendship.I know that I tell her such words too rarely, though today I have a perfect opportunity to say about my gratitude to her for all to hear and I am going to use it.Friend VS Fellow Despite the fact that nearly all people of the world can boast of having friends, not everybody knows what a true friend is and what principles a friendship should be based upon. ’ No penetration into the depths of the souls, no intimate chatting, no questions about private life.Friendship is much more than a light chatting about boys, new models of trendy jeans, and new lipsticks, which were bought in the sale.Friendship comes when your friend takes her new shoes and gives them to you, because you have no money for buying a new pair for yourself.


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