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Standardization of methods gives workers confidence in their jobs and reduces stress. Taylorism emphasized the education of the worker, so that they would have a better understanding of the task involved.

Formerly, workers were not educated about their job.

The key studies and concepts of Taylorism are that the main elements of the Scientific Management are time studies, functional or specialized supervision, standardization of tools and implements, standardization of work methods, management by exception principle, the use of "slide-rules and similar time-saving devices, task allocation and large bonus for successful performance, the use of the 'differential rate, systems for classifying products and implements, etc.

These tools are standard for today's worker and it is difficult to imagine a work place without these concepts.

However, Taylorism is the standard for most business models today.

Taylor introduced the scientific method into management styles. The Major Concepts of Taylorism Scientific Management" is management based on studies set up and conducted according to the rules of scientific theory.Taylor proposed solutions to manage all phases of an operation. Until this time workers had to worker harder and harder to meet the quotas that management set.Taylorism let workers work more efficiently, while at the same tome improving the profitability of the company.Taylorism seemed like the answer to all of management's problems and provided much needed information.Its goal was not just aimed at management, but at the workers as well.Arthur Gantt developed a task chart to help monitor and plan projects more efficiently.After the Classical theorists, the Human Relations Movement began to take into account the reasons for individual responses.The systems approach believes that one method should be used for all management situations.This contrasts with Contingency theories, which believe that management style and philosophies should be adapted of reach individual circumstance.Often there was no rationale or method for developing policy and/or worker production quotas.Often managers set quotas that were unrealistic and this caused workers to become stressed and they were less likely to meet quotas.


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