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You would want to find an uncommon theme because it will allow you to be judged solely on your work and not as a comparison to other students work as well.There are many times when two or more students will write about the same topic.Pathos, an appeal to emotion, is used when Jack calls the littluns sissies for being so scared of the mythical creature.

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Unique topics that you can write about Hopefully these topics will set your paper apart from the other students in your class.

You can also try to come up with your own analysis of different situations as you read the book.

So long as they continue to believe in the Beast, Jack can present himself as their savior.

They may not like Jack personally or approve of his violent methods, but they know that if anyone's going to protect them from the Beast, it's him.

This means that you are not only getting graded on your paper individually but also how it compared to another student’s work.

This is harder to do when the two are written about totally different topics.Yet the other boys rarely listen to him and frequently abuse him. In what ways does Golding use Piggy to advance the novel’s themes? The sow’s head and the conch shell each wield a certain kind of power over the boys. In what way is Lord of the Flies a novel about power? About the power of a person to use symbols to control a group? But are the littluns important in and of themselves? “Lord of the Flies” is a novel that was written by William Golding.Jack closes his argument by stating that he's been everywhere on the island and has not seen the beast.Therefore, a beast does not exist on the island and is simply a figment of the littluns's active imaginations.In rhetorical terms, Jack uses logos and pathos to try and persuade the other boys of the Beast's non-existence.Logos, an appeal to reason, is expressed through his contention that such large, dangerous beasts do not live on such small islands.After Ralph addresses the group of boys and says that there is no such thing as the beast, Jack stands up and blames the littluns for all the "fear talk." Jack then questions where the beast comes from and admits that everyone is frightened at night.Jack then argues that the littluns are simply experiencing nightmares and agrees with Ralph that a beast does not exist.At the evening meeting that Ralph calls after Jack has allowed the signal fire to go out, Ralph opens up the meeting to a discussion of the fears that have been plaguing the littluns.Immediately Jack jumps in to heap ridicule on the littluns for being "cry-babies and sissies." To persuade the children they have nothing to be afraid of, he first uses a rational argument that large animals don't live on small islands; therefore,...


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