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Thus, this study will focus in depth on the experience of patients diagnosed with HF from their own perspectives, quality of life in relation to the disease, the available services that are provided to HF patients and the role of nurses to improve the patients’ experience of living with HF in Bahrain.The aim of this study is to explore the lived experiences of men younger than 65 years old of age diagnosed with HF.

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HF patients reported a low quality of life associated with HF symptoms and its effects on their daily activity, social interactions and relationships, as well as rest and sleep (Brostrom et al., 2004).

Therefore, its important to fully understand the experience of patient’s suffering from heart failure in order to have a full picture of how is it to live with heart failure.

Thus, statistically the number of men admitted with hypertensive diseases and pulmonary edema are more than female in the age category of 45-64 years, the age which is considered the older adulthood to average retirement age according to United Nation standard international age classification 1982 (Nations, 1982).

These statistics reveal the increasing number of HF patients, and the expected increase in number in the near future.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression were associated with being diagnosed with HF (Heo et al., 2008).

Moser and Worster (2000) defined quality of life as a "multidimensional concept referring to a person’s total well-being including his or her functional capacity, psychological status, social functioning, physical health and health perceptions".

The health and illness focuses on the health promotion, prevention, living with chronic conditions and enhancing quality of life, symptoms controlling, testing nursing interventions and outcomes, and caring.

On the other hand, the delivery of care services focuses on the quality and cost effectiveness of care in general (ICN 2009).

Thus, nurses should continue striving for new enquiries and seek for answerers (Gerrish and Lacey, 2010).

"Nursing research is a systematic enquiry that seeks to add new nursing knowledge to benefit patients, families and communities.


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