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In John Green’s award winning young adult novel, “Looking for Alaska” the main character Chip “the Colonel” Martin meets his new roommate, Miles “Pudge” Halter.

The Colonel is the best friend of the enticing Alaska Young, who he knows very well and cares much about.

One of the cruise staffers used a net to snatch up a piece of glacial ice and bring it onboard for the guests to touch. When I put together the whale-watching post, I totally forgot we saw otters too. The mountains dwarf this cruise ship in the distance. Back in Anchorage, I found a vendor selling adorable Eskimo ornaments. This kid seemed less than enthused about being dangled in the air via bungee harness. ”Learn your Native American history at Wrangell-St. The same riverbed as seen from way above on the hill. This moose decided to chill by the side of the road for a while.

A live display of traditional games at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. A portion of the Alaska pipeline cutting through the mountains.

Built in the 1970s, the pipeline is a staggering 800 miles long. Check out the definitive guide to budgeting for a trip to Alaska.

A tank at Fort Greely, a missile-launching site 100 miles south of Fairbanks.

The strongest people can put on the biggest smile even when in pain; everyday Chip hopes his mother is safe.

He sees his mother as a role model and wants to be as strong as she was when she raised him.

First, here’s a recap of everything I’ve written about Alaska over the past few weeks. I heard Sarah Palin’s name only a couple of times during the entire week, mostly from tourists who wanted their Sarah merch.

If you’ve missed anything, take some time to get caught up. This roadside fireworks stand was impossible to miss. This van was a permanent part of the fireworks parking lot. You know you’re in a rural community when your mailbox is one of a dozen at the end of a long street. “Hey honey, I’m gonna drive over and check the mail…”You’ve probably seen those toy log cabin houses. She’s not a big seller anymore, apparently, but this gift shop had “PALIN” and “ICRUSSIA” among its vanity license plates. A closer shot of the beautiful aqua ponds from the bush plane. Mc Kinley from the air, because I had no luck seeing it from land.


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