Essay On Geometry In Building Construction

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The task can be extended for more able students by investigating the resizing of their model to accommodate an increased capacity.

Topics covered by this task include scale, ratio, measurement, volume of cylinders, unit conversions, graphs and substitution into formulae.

They will need to be able to construct scale drawings, an angle bisector, a perpendicular bisector, a triangle and a variety of loci.

Mathematics This activity Architect's Skills is designed to develop the process skills involved in understanding and making sense of mathematical information.

There is a wide range of mathematical topics used in construction and engineering.

Constructions takes the mathematical description of the word construction, exploring mathematical constructions and scale diagrams in different contexts; skills which are vital when working with plans.Mathematics In Building a town, students are encouraged to consider the mathematical shapes which form the net of a building.Some simple models are shown and students could use these to construct their nets, before building the models themselves.Mathematics This resource looks at the military’s use of constructions and mathematical accuracy in warfare and peacetime defence.Students are asked to draw constructions to represent how the military target hostile forces, stressing the importance of accuracy in calculations which consider projected paths.Mathematics This resource requires students to investigate heat loss from a building.The introduction looks at fabric heat loss (external walls, windows, roof etc.) and ventilation heat loss through cracks and openings in the external building fabric (around window frames, door, etc.).Heat analysis and Heat Loss from Buildings consider the mathematics used in other areas of construction such as the use of formulae, calculating perimeters, surface areas and volumes and being able to extract information from graphs.Rigid Structures is a practical activity designed to develop and use problem solving skills whilst A Bridge Too Many requires team work to build a model to demonstrate that their calculations work.The resource also stresses the importance of accuracy in calculations.This is a good lead in to the resource Architect's Skills in which students have to describe 3D models in two dimensions and decode plans.


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