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Lady Capulet asks Juliet in Act 1, scene 3: Juliet expresses her unwillingness to even think about it, but her mother insists that she should consider wedlock now since the county Paris has shown his interest in her.

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As a woman in the 1300s, Juliet's mother could not go against anything that her father has said but it does seem that she has some concern for her daughter.

In the end, both sets of parents are upset by the situation -- Romeo's mother was distraught to the point that she commits suicide.

It is clear, however, that his parents are worried and are more than prepared to help.

Lord Montague mentions: There is very little interaction between Romeo and his parents throughout the play, but we do learn in Act 5 that they were deeply distraught by Romeo's banishment, so much so that Lady Montague died on hearing the devastating news.

Juliet's father treated his daughter as any father in the 1300s might -- he tells her that she has to follow his rules or else.

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This is evident when she refuses to marry Paris, and Lord Capulet threatens to "give her to his friend".

They care enough about their children at this point to end the century-old fight that has been going on between the families in their childrens' honor.

The relationships that teenagers experience will affect them in their future lives.

Lord Montague declares: The play places greater emphasis on the relationship between Juliet and her parents and there is much more focus on their interaction.

It quickly becomes apparent that Juliet's parents want what is best for her, but wish to press her to abide to their decisions and their choices, such as for example, in choosing a husband.


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