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Drawbacks of Technology: Although technological advancements are important for us, it is also true that we seem to be over-dependent on them nowadays.

The drawbacks of technology can be seen in the following ways: 1.

Without technological advancements, our lives would not have been simpler and faster.

The modernisation that the world is witnessing today has all been possible because of the technological developments in different fields.

This has resulted in making humans mentally as well as physically dormant.

Conclusion: Technology is surely a boon for mankind.The technology used in the field of robotics in one such fine example.Nowadays robots are being used by people and industries all over the world for various purposes.The use of mobiles was meant to be able to keep in touch in difficult times.But now we see kids too much involved in the different applications on mobiles and killing their valuable time. Many crimes have been reported through the misuse of digital technology. Also, it has been seen that many people lack the basic education required to ensure the proper use of the technology available today.But, still, it is for us to see how best we make use of the technology available to us.While on one hand we can make use of technological advancements of nuclear energy to generate electricity and help many villages lighten us, at the hand the same nuclear energy can be used to create bombs which can cause mammoth destruction.Technology is a general term used to refer to the different tools, machines and equipment we use in everyday life.These tools and equipment have been invented by man to make the tasks faster, easier and more comfortable.They are also used in places which are otherwise considered harmful for humans thereby protecting us.One such area is the cleaning and managing of radioactive waste.


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