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To add to this, the food rations to other animals are reduced significantly (para 6).

To concur with his message that new and old leadership is alike; pigs begin to walk on two feet just like humans.

He is respected by other animals who take to his advice without question (Novel Guide para 4).

Boxer and Clover in contrast are dedicated workers who spent all their life serving the society (They are also foolishly gullible in that they believe in all the propaganda spread by Squealer who is a “manipulative and persuasive figure” (Hall and Poupard 348).

Two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball lead a successful revolution and after Mr.

Jones and his family is driven out, Manor Farm is renamed The Animal Farm (para 2).He had gone to school like any other normal child and graduated at Eaton. By this time, he had started gaining prominence as a writer and his works were starting to draw attention.He worked in the Burma police force and later unsuccessfully tired his hand in a few business ventures but failed. He continued his writing with such other publications as is his most popular.They also start claiming, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” The novel culminates in the farm being renamed The Animal Farm while napoleon and other pigs initiate friendship with the human owners of the neighboring farm, and they become just like humans (para 8).It portrays the betrayal of the initial comradeship, and the pessimism of revolutionary movements (Hall and Poupard 348). Jones is a tyrant who represents the old corrupt order.The is a classic example of how governments exploit and deny citizens of their basic rights.At the beginning of the novel, the animals are united under the banner of exploitation by Mr. They manage to fight and install their own leaders in Napoleon. Jones and “perverts the first commandments he helped make” (Pierce para 7).The new leaders would start to dictate what the same people whom they were fighting to save would do, or not do.Such betrayal was the end of socialism in the 20 The story begins in Mr. Old major, a fatherly and respected pig, gathers the animals and informs them that they had endured deplorable conditions for a long period under the leadership of human beings and therefore a rebellion was necessary. This leaves the other pigs to lead the fights for animal rights (Darell Para 1).Unfortunately the windmill is destroyed in a storm but Napoleon blames Snowball and sentences him to death, together with his sympathizers (para 6).Napoleon and the other pigs begin engaging in anti animalism behavior, such as doing business with men and drinking whiskey.


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