Essays In English My Aim In Life

Essays In English My Aim In Life-26
You should not change your aim or bounce your decision.Everyone should have a specific future plan in their life.

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Actually, we will post four different formats long and short essays and paragraphs. The aim in life is really important if you want to pursue something in your life. We all are a student and we should have an aim in life. Someone with a fixed goal does better performance in life than someone who doesn’t have a goal.

The aim in life is really important, without aim life is like without a rudder. Similarly, if we don’t have an aim in our life, we won’t know where to reach. Your aim or goal will inspire you to work hard, to study hard.

He always inspires me to work harder and pursue my aim in life. Few village doctors are working, but they don’t have proper knowledge of medical science. After completing my medical degree, I will be there and start providing free treatment for poor peoples.

As I said before, I am a high school student in class nine.

But choosing a career in such a cut throat age of competition is really a difficult task.

A life without an aim is like a boat without a rudder.My father brought a computer for me when I was in sixth grade and I am still using that PC. I know that there are so many things to learn about a computer and it never ends.I know about basic internet using, managing emails, word processing software, etc. I hope that will help me to understand coding in the future.I want to build my own video game and let that play for every single kid in this world.I know that I need to pursue a degree in computer science in the programming sector if I want to become a game or software developer and I am preparing myself for this.Right now in this world, the top trending professions are Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, Programmer, Designer, Architect, Marketer, Supervisor, Manager, etc.Maybe you have something unique into you and you want to pursue that.From my childhood, I was a tech lover and still, now I am too much connected with tech things and I wish to stay connected forever.There are so many things that I can do with my computer.After completing SSC I will admit myself in a local college to pursue HSC degree.After completing HSC, I will participate in the medical admission test.


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