Essays Of Agricultural Sacience

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State and county fairs were held and became show places for the best in all areas of agriculture.They helped spread the news about new ideas and methods.

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These grassy strips trap soil and chemicals before they reach the water.

Many farmers have changed plowing practices—plowing their fields less often and not as deep. All these advances in the area of science and technology have resulted in fewer farmers working bigger farms.

Over the years farmers have become more aware of conservation methods to prevent erosion and to protect the water.

Some farmers have planted buffer strips—wide strips of grass—along waterways.

One milestone in the evolution of technology in Iowa occurred with the completion of rail lines across the state.

By 1870 transportation had been greatly expanded—which made it easier for farmers to market their products outside the Midwest.

The development of better corn seed is one of the biggest improvements in the past 100 years.

Farmers once shelled the kernels from the longest and best looking ears from the harvest and planted those kernels the next spring. Wallace began experimenting with ways to produce even better seed.

They have also meant Iowa's farm families are producing more than in the past.

Some of the changes that have occurred as a result of scientific advances have been good for Iowa; some have caused problems for Iowans.


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