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Before leaving Pencey Prep Holden is too afraid to go say hi to Jane in the lobby, in case she was not the innocent, perfect girl he grew to love in the past.

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Pencey Prep is where the reader is able to get their first glance of Holden’s lonesome character, strong opinion of phonies and the fact that he does not apply himself as he fails four out of five classes.

At Pencey Prep, the theme of “alienation as a form of self protection” arises as it becomes clear that Holden can not maintain a close relationship with anybody.

After the death Holden never wanted to get close to another person so that he would never have to feel the pain of loosing someone he loved and cared about once again.

Lastly, at Pencey Prep, we are introduced to another important character, Jane Gallagher; an old friend of Holden that is going on a date with his roommate, Stradlater.

Pencey Prep: Pencey Prep is a boarding school for boys located in Agerstown, Pennsylvania that Holden was attending at the beginning of the novel.

It is the fourth school Holden has attended and is later the fourth school he is kicked out of because of his poor marks.Holden’s alienation and distance towards others is made clear after he agrees to write an English composition for his roommate, Stradlater.The composition is about a baseball glove that used to belong to his younger brother, Allie who died from leukemia when Holden was only thirteen.In this case the ducks are symbolic as they represent Holden as he is being forced to move; however, Holden would much rather be like the fish who get to stay where they are and have everything provided for them like children.This mirrors the common theme of the novel and Holden’s attitude towards growing up and wanting to stay an innocent child.Not having a clear answer to his question, Holden continues to wonder what happens to the ducks in the winter time.Holden later asks cab driver what he thought happened to the ducks, but the cab driver disregards the question and explains that the fish have it harder as they freeze in the ice and and as for food, their nature is to soak up nutrients from seaweed in their pores, therefore nature takes care of them during the winter. While Holden is wandering around New York City, he asks many people about what happens to the ducks in the pond when it freezes. He isn’t really wondering about the ducks, he is wondering about himself. They all represent Holden in a way, and Salinger uses these symbols very well.Phoebe is one of the few characters to truly understands Holden for who he is and the struggles he faces on a daily basis. She unconditionally loves Holden and would do anything to help Holden such as giving him her Christmas money.


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