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Beginning in their early teens, boys begin to differentiate themselves from their fathers, often by openly rebelling against the home rule.As painful as it is for both parties, this adolescent mutiny is an important part of a boy’s development, says Lewis Yablonsky, Ph D, professor emeritus of sociology at California State University Northridge and author of (Simon & Schuster, 1982).In the beginning at the concentration camp, Elie sees his father beaten by Idek who suddenly broke out in a frenzy.

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The book reveals a great deal on how humans can change in a harsh environment like the concentration camp.

The concentration camp is the cause of the change in the father-son relationship. At the beginning of the book Elie's father was occupied with his business and the doings of his community.

Elie's father discourages him to study the Cabbala when Elie asked if he could find a master to guide his studies for the Cabbala.

Elie's father replies by saying "You must first study the basic subjects within your own understanding." (pg 2) From this we see that Elie's father isn't willing to give up his time to teach Elie, or to even bother finding a man who will help him with study the Cabbala.

Elie Weisel's memoir Night focuses on Elie's harsh life in the concentration camp.

One of the important aspects of the books is the change in not only Elie's father-son relationship but other father-son relationships in the book.The only thing that was keeping Elie and his father alive was the existence of each other.If one died, the other person probably could not make it, and would die eventually.Leonards’s story may be an extreme case, but its general contours are typical of the sometimes-rocky path traversed by men and their fathers.Psychologists who specialize in the area agree that the father-son relationship is one of the most complex in a man’s life – and that it’s a relationship that can affect all others.“There’s a self-containedness about many men,” Chethik says.“We’re not usually overflowing with all kinds of words and emotions.” This reticence can deepen the divide between fathers and sons.Instead, he rambled around Central America and southern Europe before apprenticing to a furniture maker.At this, his father cut off his financial support and Leonards severed communication, eventually going so far as to move to the United States, putting an ocean between them.Elie fears that helping his father would result him being hurt.At the end of the book, Elie is incredibly closer to his father.


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