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To under stand the characters of Iago, it would be rational to clearly define the term character; in literature it has been thought of as the attributed or characteristics given to subjects used in a play, poem, novels, playwrights as well as other literature by the author to help pass across or communicate certain themes.It is ironical that Iago is referred to as honest person.For instance, in case of honesty Iago is termed “honest” racism is depicted when Othello is termed “the black with thick lips.” Most of Shakespeare readers have painted Iago to be the most heinous and villain character of all time.

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He seems to gain pleasure when others are undergoing pain as well as damage as results of his actions.

He first made Othello believe that his wife Desdemona had a love affair with Cassio.

Othello deemed to be written in 1603 revolves around four main characters; Iago Othello, Desdemona wife to a Moorish general, Cassio and the general.

The themes of the play are honesty, love, misrepresentation, self knowledge, magic, racism, oppression, pride, appearance and reality, revenge, betrayal and jealousy.

Another major character that makes audiences love to hate him is being vengeful.

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It is apparent from the onset of the play that intends to revenge against anybody for instance Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Emilia among others.Through it, he is capable of convincing Othello that his wife Emilia had and a fair.This was accomplished by him taking a handkerchief using it as evidence.Iago uses his deceitful and treacherous character in making the later hold the opinion that after making Othello go, he will win the affection of Desdemona, Othello’s wife only when he supports his plans which he did not decline. This coupled with the fact that he has desire for fellow men make him hate women.This can this be attributed to the fact that he killed his own wife.He proclaimed himself to be an honest and trustworthy person, “.” (Shakespeare 263).Thus everything he said seemed to be thought to be nothing but the truth.It is worth noting that being a solder and always siding with Othello, Iago turns out to be a trusted advisor to Othello.From the on set of the play, Iago complains that Cassio unfairly was promoted instead of him, due to this he plans to make both Cassio and Othello pay for this.This was accomplished when he plan a fight between his ally Roderigo and Cassio; he took the chance to kill Cassio on the basis that the victim double crossed his friend.The character of jealous is what mainly drove him to be vengeful. Although he managed to put on a face of ‘honesty’ he failed to change tact when things seemed work against him.


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