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It's easier to write about something that you know well first-hand.

Some of the "art" of writing a good essay is picking a topic (running, church work, boy scouts, music, travel, an after-school job, family, etc.), and then having having something interesting to say about it.

In truth, like many ventures, writing is a long hard slog. If one learns to cope with it properly, it’s quite wonderful and any who gets to do it for a living is blessed. For many writers, that coping comes in a form rather appropriate to the analogy I gave above: Writers cope with writing by running. The purple, red and grey trails in the eerie elephant graveyard of the burned out forest of Bastrop State Park.

It’s more akin to a marathon of effort than a sprint of inspiration. The seven or ten mile loops along Lady Bird Lake in Austin. It’s the only exercise I’ve ever really been good at, and I’ve done it essentially non-stop since middle school.

Some colleges love students to be self-reflective, and to have an individual hobby that allows time to think and process, and other colleges don't care about this as much as, say, being an extroverted volunteer that spends more time actively helping people than musing on life. GPA 3.95 (spanish 1 is a bitc^h ACT 34 Just wondering for my own essays if that would be good to write about or silly Its pretty cliche. If you make your essay interesting and fun to read with enough to show who you are and your strengths/challenges then it can truly work.

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Perseverance is a great skill that running can highlight, but it's also a COMMON essay topic, so consider how to be very original if that's the stance you take.wonderingggg wrote: Im a junior a lot of runners i know write essays on running for college, always ending in the corny ways of hard work and dedication and how just because you train hard and do everything right doesnt guarantee you success, but doing nothing guarantees one thing, that you will get nothing. Also, don't think about application essays as writing about something, think about writing about you Talk your parents or teachers or a counselor about topics for an essay.

Write about something that makes you seem interesting and a little unconventional.

The admissions reps wrote me specifically about how unique my essay was and how that influenced them to offer me a scholarship.

A good essay has a "story arc" with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

If you write about running, you could begin by saying that you tried other sports, but found your "niche" with running and all the direct and indirect benefits that you get out of it.


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