Factors Affecting Performance Essay

Self-control, in the academic setting, is related self-discipline, self-regulation, delay of gratification and impulse control.

Baumeister, Vohs, and Tice defined self-control as "the capacity for altering one's own responses, especially to bring them into line with standards such as ideals, values, morals, and social expectations, and to support the attainment of long-term goals." In other words, self-control is the ability to prioritize long-term goals over the temptation of short-term impulses.

Early academic achievement enhances later academic achievement.

Further, recent research indicates that the relationship quality with parents will influence the development of academic self-efficacy among adolescent-aged children, which will in turn affect their academic performance.

However, self-efficacy was more indicative of academic performance than personality in all of the analyses.

This suggests that parents who want their children to have academic achievement can look to increase their child's sense of self-efficacy at school.Through a longitudinal study of the marshmallow test, researchers found a relationship between the time spent waiting for the second marshmallow and higher academic achievement.However, this finding only applied for participants who had the marshmallow in plain sight and were placed without any distraction tactics.These variables include: civic engagement, identity development, positive social relationships and behaviors, and mental health (Mahoney et al., 2005).In other research on youth, it was reported that positive social support and development, which can be acquired through organized after school activities is beneficial for achieving academic success (Eccles & Templeton, 2002).Self-control is usually measured through self completed questionnaires.Researchers often use the Self-Control Scale developed by Tangney, Baumeister, & Boone in 2004.International students must, therefore, develop and practise new skills and strategies if they are to write successfully at an academic level.Nevertheless, it is not unusual for lecturers to find that the academic writing of international students is better than that of some local students whose first language is English.Data were collected from a questionnaire measuring the students' backgrounds and perceptions of their academic writing and a text analysis of their actual writing.This helped to identify factors that may contribute to the performance of each student in the writing of academic essays.


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