Family Law Court Case Studies

With the assistance of Legal Services Corporation-funded Queens Legal Services (QLS), a recipient of U. Department of Health and Human Services Family and Youth Services Bureau funding, she successfully obtained an Order of Protection and full custody of her children.

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The WH-LAIR Case Studies are two-page documents that illustrate how civil legal aid supports federal efforts to serve the low-income and other vulnerable populations in various areas.

They contain descriptions of common challenges faced by vulnerable populations, examples of federal responses to these challenges, and concrete examples of the ways in which civil legal aid meaningfully supports federal agencies’ efforts.

Sonoma WORKS, Sonoma County’s HHS-funded welfare-to-work program, referred Joe to what seemed like a perfect job as a delivery driver for a parts store.

When the employer offered him a position contingent on securing a driver’s license, he sought help from Legal Aid of Sonoma County.

When a pediatrician at the Indian Health Service clinic learned of the situation, she referred Rose to DNA-People’s Legal Services Medical-Legal Partnership Program, funded by DOJ’s Tribal Civil Legal Assistance Program.

With the help of her DNA-People’s Legal Services lawyer, Rose showed that tribal law and federal policies allowed her to assume the lease obligations.When other students threatened Carl he sought help from school administrators who responded by expelling him.His attorney successfully represented him at the hearing and Carl finished the semester.LAF continues to represent other mostly elderly and minority victims of this reverse mortgage scheme.WH-LAIR Case Study: Protect Consumers Legal Aid gets Dad Back on Road to Work After five years working as a delivery driver for a home improvement chain, Joe lost his job when his driver’s license was suspended because medical expenses for his prematurely-born daughter left him unable to pay outstanding traffic fines.During their marriage, Cynthia became isolated and was subjected to controlling and threatening behavior.After her husband Kicked her out of their home, she had no means of support other than a small Social Security benefit.WH-LAIR Case Study: Help Veterans and Servicemembers attorney – partially funded by U. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevent – to plan his release and return to school.His attorney successfully advocated for his readmission.With the SSVF program providing some of Clyde’s back rent, the attorney negotiated an agreement to stop the eviction in exchange for a lump sum payment for most of the unpaid rent, plus a payment plan to cover the remainder.With his housing stabilized, Clyde was able to focus on his health needs.


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