Female Oppression Essay

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Not only did most of these older books lean heavily towards white political development to the detriment of studies of the history and interaction of whites with other racial groups, but they also focused on the achievements of men (often on their military exploits or leadership ability) virtually leaving women out of South African history.

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Instead the British had made some effort to reconcile with the Boers and ignored the claims of the Africans.

This is a particularly appropriate time to be studying the role of women in the progress towards the new South African democracy.

The year 2006 was a landmark year in which we celebrated the massive Women's March to the Union Buildings in Pretoria 50 years ago.

Women throughout the country had put their names to petitions and thus indicated anger and frustration at having their freedom of movement restricted by the hated official passes.

The bravery of these women (who risked official reprisals including arrest, detention and even bannings) is applauded here.


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