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The true nature of society isn’t complicated, but stark.

When Piper puts on the glasses, that truth “is seen in black and white.” “It’s as if the aliens have colorized us,” Carpenter explained.

Lethem may be right about the stupidity, though the field is so rich one is reluctant to be definitive on the point.

The relevant part of the plot for our purposes is as follows.

Also in his view of reality Hegel used dialectic to show how thought or Hegel, Marx and Dia1ectic - A Debate - a book by Richard Norman and Sean Sayers - Essay 1 On the Marxist Dialectic is online (pdf - requires Adobe Acrobat) Hegel and Marx - from essays (page of those in English, in German) by Kai Froeb arguing against some of the doctrines Marxists assert regarding Hegel Cyril Smith Archive - material on Marxism - includes Hegel - see e.g.

, which celebrates its 30th anniversary later this year.

I’ll return to this in a bit, but for now, just know I don’t mean it in that sense.

Rather, I simply mean that the lavish praise of this obscure sci-fi movie stems from a mode of analysis that stretches back to the Marxist writers associated with the Frankfurt School.rankfurt School Marxism was born out of a psychological need to explain why Communism had failed to take root, initially in Germany but more broadly in the West.

So here are some diagrams that graphically portray the relationship between the Hegelian and Marxist view of reality.

The thesis-antithesis-synthesis triad is the same in basic structure (upper pair of diagrams) except that for Marx the series has an end (in the Communist utopia) whereas for Hegel it doesnt.


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